Aeration and mixing all kinds of purposes as
aerator wastewater treatment plants, aerobic stabilization pools, ponds and lagoons can be used in etc.water resources. Pool and pool size according to depth in the appropriate capacity in selected of aerator 20 C in the range of oxygen trasfer efficiency is 1,2-1,8 kgO2/kWh. 1,5 kW-132kW ‘were manufactured in different capacities up to 30 kW aerator until indigenous, 37 kW and higher capacities are used imported reducer.

Fields of application

  • Drinking water and industrial water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Fermentation plants
  • Sewage sludge (excess, primary and digested sludge)
  • Paper industry

Belt thickeners

Sludge thickening is the process of increasing the solids content of sludges from primary and/or secondary settling tanks. Belt thickeners widely serve to reduce the size of the subsequent sludge dewatering steps in treatment plants. Belt Thickeners is used as a seperate machine to provide sludge thickening or it can be integrated with beltpress to provide better dewatering results at the end. Standart sizes are with 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm and 2500 mm belt width and supplied with mandatory accesories.