Scrapers are used in linear rectangular pool, often in pre-treatment plants, sand and oil are preferred as the holder. Scrapers at least for linear circular as possible to make different groups. Power supply cord or cable drum trolley can be made. Removal of sludge deposited on the base, as can be done with air-lift system, the bridge can be performed on the browsing through a pump. Must be absorbed as well as the type of bridge-mounted blades scraping the sludge from one end of the continuous channel to channel sludge also has applications in the form of stripping.

Sludge thickening is the process of increasing the solids content of sludges from primary and/or secondary settling tanks. The process serves to reduce the size of the subsequent sludge dewatering steps. The influent sludge is fed to the center of the tank and the thickened sludge on the tank bottom is pushed into and central hopper by the scraper blades, from where it is drawn off either hydrostatically or by a pump and sent to further sludge processing steps. Generally, a picket fence structure is installed on the scraper arms for gentle mixing of the settled sludge for better consolidation. In continuously fed sludge thickeners, the supernatant is collected by peripheral weirs while in intermittent feed system alternate are used for decanting the supernatant.

Circular Scrapers

Possible to group users in different ways circular scraper. According to the drive way, centrally driven, fixed bridge scraper or from the environment driven rotary scraper bridge possible to talk about strippers. Scrapers half bridge rotary diameter pool, complete or up to a certain length can be designed for. From the pool of sludge settling out how the plant solids depending on the load will be given a decision. The sludge accumulated at the base, the center can be peeled off into the sludge like a funnel, with suction pipes in the pipeline to the center structure also can be promoted. Both methods can be recommended for many alternative solutions are available. Also, the type of scraper bridges are also important selection criteria. For this, we can offer you panel, lattice, profile or pipe construction alternatives are available