Weir gates are rectangular shaped steel construction to be widelly used for level control. Gates have a large dimensional range. 

The gates are designed according to dimensions and mainly consisting of; 

01- FRAME : It is the base of the system .Weir gates are designed with full frame. The frame is manufactured from mild steel or stainless steel profile. 

02 – DOOR: Door is designed with flat surface and runs in slide rails up and down. It is made of mild steel or stainless steel material. 

03 – SEAL: P type rubber seal is used as sealing element and sealing is applied on 3 sides of weir gates. The standard material for seals is EPDM. 

 04 – SPINDLE :  Standard gates are rising spindle type, but non-rising spindle type gate is also available. Up to approximately 1500 mm width, single spindle is used; for greater widths the double spindles model is generally used. 

05 – DRIVE UNIT : All sized gates can be supplied either for manual operation or with electric/pneumatic actuato

Stoplogs, water intake structures, water and wastewater treatment plants, to control the flow is widely used for the purpose of the cover are.
Stoplogs, as in other types of steel or stainless steel material is produced and is resistant to the effects of wastewater. Stoplogs can be made in one piece, such as applications requiring a more flexible use in segments as parts are produced.

All electric actuators are equipped with manual drive (hand wheel) for emergency. 

Electric actuators should be selected according to operation type of gates. In other words, different actuator types are used for on-off operated gates and modulating operated gates. 

Special types electric actuators are available for explosion proof applications and the applications at sites having harsh weather conditions. 

Manual drive means handwheel for small sized gates and bevel gearbox for large size gates.

Two pieces bevel gearbox unit are used for both manual and automatic double spindle gate applications.

V - noch weirs

V noch weir, primary and final settling tanks and sludge thickener to install. W-TR, V noch weir according to the wastewater character of stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 quality manufactures. 

Thus longlasting operation and worker costs overheads can be kept at minimum level is minimized.