Package type of Sewage Treatment Plants

Biological Treatment methods are utilized for sewage Treatment plants. Biological Treatment Process depends on bacteria which converts the organics (pollutants) to harmless by products or new bacteria cells without using any chemicals. Typical STP consists of screening, grit removal, primary sedimentation, aeration, secondary clarification, disinfection and sludge handling facilities. STP can be made of concrete or steel construction (package type).

  • Benefits
  • Effluent water can be used for irrigational purposes.
  • Lower capital & operational costs.
  • Modular & esthetic design. Painted in any color & shape.
  • Noiseless & odorless operation.
  • Treatment efficiency of > 98 %

Concrete type of Sewage Treatment Plants

Concrete types of STP’s are generally appropriate for larger populations. No limit for equivalent population. It can be designed underground where restricted places are concerned

Package type of Chemical Treatment Plants

Physical, chemical and / or biological Treatment methods are utilized in industrial wastewater Treatment. Construction alternatives of industrial wastewater treatment plant are concrete, steel, plastics (PE, PP, etc). Jar test (treatability of wastewater) studies are carried out in our own laboratory facility for varying wastewater sources. So far optimum chemical types, dosing amounts and other operational actions are determined for actual plant design. Industrial wastewater treatment plants can be made of concrete or steel / plastics (PE, PP) construction (package type).