Belt Conveyors

With the help of a tape reel drum drive through withdrawal is the material handling system. From mechanical screens, belt press of the waste is used for moving away. Tightening the belt conveyor is manufactured in various shapes schemes.


➤Conveying and elevating equipment for bulk materials

➤Suitable for handling a wide variety of materials from fine chemicals to screenings and sludge cakes, from wet to dry.

➤Since the materials are carried on the belt, corrosive materials can be handled economically.

➤Flat or troughed belt idlers can be used.

➤Completely stainless steel frame and supports can be supplied.

➤Shuttle type conveyors and belt hipper are available.


➤ Low maintenance costs

➤Durable construction

➤High quality and wear resistant materials

➤Continuous transportation

➤Ability to transport larger sized materials

➤Wide function range including dewatering applications

➤Suitable for conveying at steep angles and long distances

Screw Conveyors


➤Screw Conveyors are installed for horizontal, inclined and even vertical transport of screenings or other solids

➤Lubrication-free polythene shaft bearings

➤The standard length is 20 ft (6 m); however, we custom manufacture screw conveyor lengths to meet any special needs

➤Optional electrical heating and thermal insulation protects from freezing down to -13° F (-25° C) benefits

➤Gentle movement in an enclosed pipe prevents odor nuisance and minimizes wear on equipment and conveyed product,

➤Exact tolerances

➤Little wear and tear, low maintenance

➤Maximum operation reliability

➤Low power consumption and operating costs

➤Screw Conveyors are manufactured from stainless steel and pickled in an acid bath for perfect finishing and corrosion protection