Aerators are mainly used in biological reactors in wastewater treatment plants as well as aquaculture and in various industries. Mainly aerators could be divided under three main titles which are horizontal shafted, vertical shafted and jet aerators. These could be situated fixed or mobile on the water surface. Aerators could be manufactured from GRP, epoxy coated, galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Aeration and mixing all kinds of purposes as aerator wastewater treatment plants, aerobic stabilization pools, ponds and lagoons can be used in etc.water resources. Pool and pool size according to depth in the appropriate capacity in selected of aerator 20 C in the range of oxygen trasfer efficiency is 1,2-1,8 kgO2/kWh. 1,5 kW-132kW 'were manufactured in different capacities up to 30 kW aerator until indigenous, 37 kW and higher capacities are used imported reduce

Disc Type Membran Diffisers

9 "disc diffusers 230 mm. wide is the net membrane area of 0041 m2. Each membrane as much as possible the formation of fine bubbles can 6640 pcs 1 mm. diameter that can generate a bubble, there are holes. This, as well as in special cases 0.25 mm - 0.5 mm - 2 mm in diameter for bubble membranes can beproduced. Diffusers used standard EPDM membrane material is. But silicon, different membrane materials, such as polyurethane available.

Pipe Type Membran Diffisers

Formed tubular membrane diffusers in this series, different models are available with air capacity. 50 cm. model 6Nm3/saat long, 75 cm. model 8Nm3/saat long, 100 cm. Review length has the capacity to weather the model 12Nm3/saat. Internal gear and ¾ "or 1" have the option to link this model provides an opportunity for easy installation thanks to an adapter. All as standard EPDM membrane diffusers made of materials with, silicone membrane option is also available.